October, 5th 2016

Press Conference. Vienna.

Launching “Looking at the Stars: The Future of the World” with UNOOSA and the Spanish Mission in Vienna.

October, 24th 2016

Meeting of the International Jury for the School Award 2016 “Don Quixote or the power of Utopia: Preparing the Future”. Instituto Egipcio. Madrid.

October, 25th 2016

“Galaxy of Peace” Book Presentation. Casino de Madrid.

November, 22nd 2016

2016 Award Ceremony “Don Quixote or the power of Utopia: Preparing the Future”. Buenos Aires. Inst. Carlos Steeb.

2017 Peace and Cooperation School Award launching, “Looking at the Stars: The Future of the World”. Buenos Aires. Inst. Carlos Steeb


12th, December

Human Rights Day. Casino de Madrid.

January, 8th/9th – 23rd  2017

Exhibition “The Road to Vienna” in El Corte Inglés. Alicante.

January, 30th 2017

School Day for No Violence and Peace in CAUDE. Majadahonda. Madrid.

Exhibition “Don Quixote or the power of Utopia: Preparing the Future”.

February, 10th  2017

Presentation in the European School of Santa Marta. Colombia.

March, 1-5th 2017

AULA. International Educational Opportunities Exhibition in IFEMA. Madrid

July, 4th 2017:

2017 School Award Deadline.

11th, September, 2017

Meeting of the International Jury for the School Award 2017 “Looking at the Stars: The Future of the World”. Instituto Egipcio. Madrid.


October 2017, 4th - 10th  

UN Space Week.

2017 Award Ceremony “Looking at the Stars: The Future of the World”. Vienna

Press Conference and launching 2018 School Award “Galaxy of Peace”. Vienna

December, 12th 2017

Human Rights Day.

Peace and Cooperation has a global mission. Since its nomination in 1986 as Peace Messenger by the United Nations, this Foundation has been presenting its school campaigns at the UN Headquarters in New York and holding press conferences with the support of the Spanish Permanent Mission. Since 2005, its prize-giving and award ceremonies have been held in several cities around the world. 

The "Road to..." began in 2011, which includes all activities and events related to the school campaign, simultaneously announcing the city where the end of the School Award will be held. As of right now, we have celebrated the "Road to Jakarta", "Road to Manila", "Road to Algiers", "Road to Hong Kong" and the latest campaign the "Road to Buenos Aires", which will finish in the capital of Argentina on November 22nd, 2016. The exact venue will be chosen during the meeting of the International Jury on October 24th, United Nations day. For 2017, our proposal is Vienna.

The universal work on the school campaigns has given us the possibility to meet many colleagues and friends in the search of shared values, as well as great moments of fraternity and forums of peace and love.

Every school award campaign intends to enlighten and suggest a collective reflection on some of the most diverse aspects of world problems.

In 2016, the campaign was centered on the figure of Don Quixote and the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.

Why don't we use our creativity to achieve a better world? That is the purpose and the big challenge for the schools and teachers around the world. In order to move forward in our pilgrimage we are calling to our aforementioned friends that we are proud to have found during our Roads to support us in continuing in and improving on our work.


In recent years we have seen that creativity is the key to increase participation in our annual school campaign, the School Award, in which both independent school centres and schools who belonged to a network of centres, partake in.

With this in mind, we came up with the idea to establish an International Council which has received very positive feedback. This council is made up of many original initiatives: the Hong Kong School of Creativity directed by Mike Chan and his chain of atelier shops; the great network of creativity at CEDART in Mexico and KANOON in Iran - here we must first mention the director of CEDART, Cuqui Montelongo, and next the educator Zohreh Shamloofard from KANOON; the Instituto Carlos Steeb in Buenos Aires, directed by the principal Ariel Arévalo; the European School in Colombia and the social promoter Claudia Beatriz Mosquera Guzman; in Philippines we have Rodel Ramos Rivera with Quirino High School; the work of professor Alicia Arroyo, the head of Instituto Jacito Benavente de Tetúan of Morocco, our former staff member of Arequipa (Perú) Cecilia Medina-Villanueva and the teacher of Imphal in India, Jelshyam Laishram. In Spain, we have the distinguished Pilar Barroso, the director of CAUDE of Majadahonda; Andres Izquierdo, professor of Instituto Isabel la Católica of Madrid; Chelo Marazuela, professor of Isidra de Guzman de Alcala de Henares; and Mercedes Roig, professor of Formento de Sansueña of Zaragoza.

On another note, the extraordinary contribution of the educator Elvira Sanchez-Igual from World Association of Early Childhood Educators, AMEI-WAECE deserves a special mention. She recently laid out the foundation for the latest school award campaigns and presented them at the United Nations in New York with Joaquin Antuña. 

With our accumulated experience and enthusiasm during the last thirty years, Peace and Cooperation is thankful for the support of these knights of Creativity, it is impossible to list all of the contributors who participated in this launch of the World Alliance of Creativity.

In order to launch this initiative, we have nominated Noelia Silva as general secretary and Bruna Suzuki, Isabel Martin and Diego Rodríguez and other colleagues.

The whole thing is a puzzle and a kaleidoscope of creativity that is in progress and integrates the School Award of Peace and Cooperation. The General Director of UNESCO Koichiro Matsurra in his message at the Forum of Barcelona in 2004 referred to Peace and Cooperation as, "an organization that has already achieved seniority in the tireless defense of peace and nonviolence, and one of its most exceptional initiatives through the Peace and Cooperation School Award has been to distinguish the efforts of those in the various parts of the world who implement the ideals of peace and respect for cultural diversity". These kind words oblige us to move forward with renewed determination and energy to spread and promote to all interested parties, creativity for peace and simultaneously serve as a forum for discussion and proposal.

Finally, we have to look towards the future and further the internationalization of Peace and Cooperation and prepare the Peace and Cooperation School Award for 2017: “Looking at the Stars - The Future of the World”.  We have signed a letter of understanding with UNOOSA to complete this ambitious project. There are two challenges, open ourselves to fraternity and rethink our world looking beyond the galaxies for understanding and peace, 2017 “The Year of the Stars”.

“The Spanish Labyrinth” in the Madrid Casino
Madrid, 25th October 2016

The ambassadors of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Palestine alongside the ambassadors of Cyprus and Ghana were witness of honor about the release of the latest work of Joaquin Antuna, President and Founder of Peace and Cooperation. The book is part of a Spanish quartet edited by Peace and Cooperation. It is the fourth movement of this Spanish symphony as defined by the author it began with the Perplexed Man and continued with the Spanish Labyrinth and Chronicles of the Third Spain.

The CEU professor of economic structure, Javier Morillas scrutinize all the text with a decent expertise of the copyists of the Middle Ages’ sacred texts.

Alfonso Ramonet pronounced some words full of feeling and sensitivity. He piloted the ship with his usual dexterity, Jose Luis Izaguirre from the command post of his Juan Sebastián Elcano social gathering was marking time in this storm of ideas and suggestions that are enclosed in these five hundred pages of great height in a chronic described as passionate with satirical and philosophical labyrinths trim the burning reality of the last few months of the Spain government in office.

Message for the Foundation Peace and Cooperation of the Hon. Mr. Ambassador of Slovakia to Spain

Mr. Vladimir Grácz

8th November 2016

On 1 July 2016, the Slovak Republic took over for the first time in its short history as an independent state and member of the European Union the Presidency of the Council of the EU. We have begun this, for us historical, European semester facing us with extremely complex challenges. A few days after Brexit's victory in the referendum in the United Kingdom, it was definitely clear that Europe needs a deep reconstruction.

I am very grateful to the Spanish civil institutions that like Esade, the Royal Casino of Madrid and the Peace and Cooperation Foundation, whom have been interested for the Slovak semester. The latter directed by my friend Joaquín Antuña has distinguished himself by publishing articles on the Presidency of Martina Sinkova and Angie Masis Marín, both students in practices of Peace and Cooperation. Martina from Bratislava and Angie from Costa Rica. On the other hand I refer to my presentation of the book of Joaquín "Chronicles of the Third Spain" that I attended in the Royal Casino and the act that together with Jose Luis Yzaguirre and his Tertulia Juan Sebastián Elcano have prepared in the prestigious Salón Principe the day 29 of November 2016 to present a review of the EU Presidency. Europe is joining forces.

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The ambassador of Spain in Argentina, in the delivery of the Peace and Cooperation School Award

Spain's ambassador to Argentina, Estanislao de Grandes and the president of Peace and Cooperation, Joaquin Antuña, will preside on November 22 the delivery of the 2016 School Prize "Don Quixote or the Force of Utopia," which annually convenes this NGO.

The ceremony, which will launch the 2017 call – “Looking to the Stars. The Future of the World”- will take place at the Carlos Steeb Institute in Buenos Aires, which has won the Extraordinary Prize of the contest.   

Among the works presented to the competition were the drawings of Iran and China, the posters and murals of Cyprus, Colombia, South Korea and Mexico, and the schools of Cyprus Philippines and Spain.

Spain in Vienna for the spaceThe launch of the Peace and Cooperation 2017
“Looking to the stars - The future of the world”

8th November 2016

Dear friends at the United Nations in Vienna, the School of Peace and Cooperation 2017 “Looking at the stars - The future of the world” was launched on October 5, 2011, the Director of UNOOSA Simonetta Di Pippo, the Spanish Ambassador to the International Organizations in Vienna Gonzalo de Salazar, Elvira Sanchez-Igual of AMEI-WAECE and Joaquín Antuña President and Founder of Peace and Cooperation. The event was preceded by a colloquium of three cosmonauts from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation with students and professors from Danube School and Of International School.

This event organized by UNOOSA, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, is part of the Space Week that has brought together 104 astronauts in Vienna and aims to sensitize the school world to the importance of space exploration and its impact on space. Improvement of living conditions on our planet.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsors this nice project, as it has been described in a tweet by Secretary of State Ignacio Ibañez. An exhibition of Peace and Cooperation in the Rotunda of the United Nations central building has presented works by painter Francisca Blázquez with an allegorical work of space, drawings by the School of Creativity of Hong Kong, China and Indonesia and Iran. The awards ceremony will be held in Vienna at the Space Week in October 2017.

At the same time, a “Galaxy of Peace” competition is planned to be launched, and other international organizations that have distinguished themselves in bringing space discoveries and their benefits to world youth will also be invited. The Spanish civil society represented by the Peace and Cooperation Foundation and the Permanent Representation of Spain in Vienna in close collaboration with UNOOSA put themselves at the forefront of sensitizing youth in space issues.

Peace and Cooperation celebrated School Day for Peace on anniversary of Gandhi’s death

The anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi was the framework in which the School Day for Nonviolence and Peace, organized by the NGO Peace and Cooperation, was held at CAUDE School in Majadahonda on 30 January. Among other members of the Diplomatic Corps attended the ambassadors of Bulgaria and Cyprus.

In line with the motto of the school competition “The Year of the Stars”, Miguel Pérez de Ayúcar, of the European Space Agency, made a live connection with a Spanish space center and explained details of the operation Rosetta.
Recognitions and diplomas from Bulgaria, Colombia, the Philippines, Macedonia and Spain were also given to different schools.

Joaquín Antuña receives the 2013 Cooperation Award from the Association of Correspondents of Latin American Press

The International Press Club (IPC) celebrated the delivery of its 2013 annual awards on Wednesday, May 7th, at the Pavilion Gardens of Cecilio Rodriguez at the Buen Retiro park of Madrid. The event was chaired by the governmental vice president, Mrs. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria; the Mayor of Madrid, Mrs. Ana Botella, and the President of the aforementioned Club, Mrs. Carmen Enriquez.


If you wish to obtain a copy of any books published by Peace and Cooperation you can writte to: pazycooperacion@hotmail.com

Peace and Cooperation at United Nations
The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Dr Asha-Rose Migiro
receives the messages addressed to Ban Ki Moon from the hands of Joaquín Antuña. December 4th 2009

December 3rd 2009, press conference at the United Nations. Presentation of the 2010 Peace and Cooperation School Award “Take care of your planet”. From the left to the right: Elvira Sánchez Igual from the World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE), Joaquín Antuña, and Nancy Rivard, president of the Humanitarian Organization Airline Ambassadors from the United States – partner of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation for 10 years – during the press conference at the United Nations in New York.

Peace and Cooperation and Joaquín Antuña receive the Global Compassion Award, in the presence of Nancy Rivard, President of Airline Ambassadors, and the other awardwinners Jim and Darlene McCord, at the United Nations, New York, on December 3rd, 2009.

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